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Automated batching is used to produce various items, including concrete, sealants, baked foods, and cosmetics. Batching is much the same as creating a giant cake. Batching automation weighs and mixes the raw components to generate a finished product. By automating your mixing, blending, or batching system, you can guarantee that your goods are uniform throughout multiple machines, shifts, and even factories. 
If you’re working with many different materials, you might be wondering how to accurately weigh each one and charge it into your process equipment. Then, you’ve come to the right place. Our automated weighing batching system is the appropriate option if your manufacturing process necessitates the precise weighing of bulk materials for various ingredients. 
Automated weighing and batching software significantly improve the efficiency of handling powder materials. Customized solutions increase productivity and regularity, reduce waste, and collect critical data about your manufacturing process. We also standardize your weighing procedure and remove the possibility of human-caused mistakes.
Xtreme Automation has a wide range of weighing and batching solutions to meet your demands. Our weigh batching machines are custom-built for each application, providing you to fine-tune your batch parameters to your liking. 
In automated scale controls, weighing and batching systems are used to guarantee that the correct amount of material is taken, transported, and handed over.
Process vessels, extractors, mixers, blenders, reactors, and other containers may be filled with the exact amount of powder required using automated weighing and batching systems. They may also be used to ensure the right amount of ingredients is introduced to a batch of things that are being combined. The accuracy and repeatability of bulk material handling are at the heart of this technology. 
Batching product can be liquids, powders, gasses, or pretty much anything. We will control the process and make sure it's accurate and not only accurate but ensure it won't create contamination issues. 
Inventory management, Custom reports, print tickets, and barcode data. Those are huge nowadays and some industries it's required some it's not required but they are wanting to make sure they are running the company and not limiting growth. The other big reason for this is to monitor product for warranty or recalls. 
Xtreme Automation LLC are experts In Automated Batching Systems  
Our engineering department has designed several specialized blending and batching systems for various industries. Each application is unique in its way. The professionals at Xtreme Automation will work with you to understand your needs and develop a solution to fit them. We also take pleasure in taking responsibility for the project from start to end, which means we are the only people you need to call if you have a question or an issue. 
We deal with a range of equipment providers, so we can choose the lowest latency and build custom software to fit your needs. In addition, our service staff can repair and calibrate your unique solution, ensuring that it is up and running when you need it. We can help spec equipment, provide equipment, or integrate existing equipment. 
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