Affordable automation systems

​​​​For most companies, the answer is "Yes!" It's easy to see why: Many customers will find our systems pay for themselves within 3-5 years based on labor savings, lower electricity bills, tax rebates, lower insurance, and higher production. In some industries, customers can make mistakes that can cost more than $30,000 in one day due to an error that could have been avoided using our system. Our average systems cost $25,000-$50,000, so it's easy to see a quick return on your investment. Affordable automation systems, manual controls, push button panels, vfd panels, motor starter panel, fertilizer controls, custom mixing, batching software, CRM, built in accounting software, inventory management. Our automation control systems are designed to help you manage your business. We want this to be looked at as an investment that will help grow your business not as a luxury even though our systems are luxurious. Our plc programmers, panel shop builders, and team of engineers want to know the work that we do is helping somebody else. We know some people are safer work environments, better processes, less stress and are able to increase their margins because they can manage the company better with our systems. Affordable automation systems are ones that pay for themselves. Affordable automation systems are systems that also need to be reliable and ours are. When people buy an electric car they are told it will save them money on gas, maintenance, and about the tax incentives. When people buy automation systems, they don't often realize that they will have less insurance claims from people hurting their backs, shoulders, lower electric bills, less labor, able to process customer orders fasters, scale their business, and able to run reports that will provide data to create better processes. Automation systems with plc panels are truly a good investment.