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Xtreme Automation LLC is an industrial automation company. Some call us for custom panel shop needs, control system integrator services, contract engineering, plc programming, custom software, help with patents and sometimes people just call us to talk shop. We love helping our customers design systems that will fix a problem that they have or help them start a new business. Custom PLC programming is our main focus but there are so many things that naturally branch off of custom PLC programming. Many of our customers order plc panels, motor starter panels, vfd panels, or mcc panels. Our ul 508a panel shop can handle a wide variety of applications. It's fun for us to build simple PLC panels, motor starter panels, or vfd panels so you can rest assured that we value all of our customers not just the ones that purchase high end automation. Yes we do like to sell high end automation services like custom plc programming our plc programmers would like to keep busy. The plc programmers do stay busy some work in a role similar to project management buy having meetings with the sales team, customers, panel shop, onsite startup, and remote support. Our plc programmers have well rounded knowledge and get some real world experience that helps them fix problems or improve software. Custom plc programming is something that you can expect to have a bug or glitch every now and then, so we feel it's crucial for our programmers to be more on the front lines to make sure if there is a problem it gets fixed right and fast. 
Custom PLC programming lies at the heart of industrial automation, and Xtreme Automation LLC boasts the technical prowess to master it. From intricate high-level automation solutions to simple manual control panels with intuitive push buttons, our capabilities span the entire spectrum. We tailor our offerings to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the perfect solution. 
At Xtreme Automation LLC, we go beyond the traditional role of a panel shop. We’re not just about constructing control panels; we specialize in crafting comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate with your processes. From designing systems that manage conveyors, customized mixing processes, and factory production lines to optimizing the intricacies of pizza-making machines, our expertise extends across a wide spectrum. 
If Custom plc programming was easy, we would all, do it. We look forward to working with you. Call now to learn more (785) 285-8288 
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