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- This is a huge choice and the guy at the bowling alley might be good for a small project but not one that a business depends on. Xtreme Automation LLC provides high level custom plc programs that are not cookie cutter. We don’t try to make all of our customers fit inside of a small box. The best things getting better with age. Yes, that is true with wine but not with control engineers, you always have to stay up to date and be willing to learn from the new guys. Xtreme Automation has a wide variety of talent, and we utilize it so the new can learn from the old and old from the new. Our children don’t know much about classic cars and we don’t know much about Snap Chat. And I will never understand how Corn Hole is now a sport on ESPN but what I do know is we all have value. If we aren’t willing to learn, listen and teach we will never be great. Xtreme Automation does custom PLC programs, and actually test them before shipping with state-of-the-art simulators and we hope that it gets most of the bugs, but we understand that you can’t beat real life. Our custom plc programs are often great but almost never perfect from the start and there are times that during a week of being onsite testing and running products with customers there are still scenarios that nobody thought of.

Don't worry about feeling intimidated by not knowing what you need. That's our job... We take the time to discuss all of the project requirements and go through scenarios with you. After we have our talk(s) we put together some quotes with different options and explain the differences. We know programming, and equipment. We don't know how to read minds to understand your exact requirements. Xtreme Automation is like a partnership and communication is a must for success.

We know things like that will happen and those are the times that you will be glad you chose Xtreme Automation because when you call asking for help with a custom plc program you can rest assured you will be talking to somebody that can help. We don’t have you spend 5-10 minutes typing numbers for different extensions, transfer the call overseas, and put you on hold after the transfer so you can find out the person who answers can’t provide the high level knowledge needed. Our team leads by example, and we do that by being on the front line our Sales engineers, knowing the products and some about programming to help get a basic idea on the needs you might have during the quoting stage. The sales engineer works with the programmers and other departments to make sure it will be something that we can deliver and that it will work well for the actual application requirements. Our tech support team are plc programmers that can not only help fix problems, prevent them from happening again but they also get-well rounded experience and understand the customer's needs.

Custom PLC programs Xtreme Automation why go anywhere else.

If you own a boat and only drive it on the lake does that mean you have enough of an idea to take it across the ocean. No, a lake and the ocean are similar but very different. The type of boat needed, the waves, navigation, risks, and even the way you fish. That is why we want our plc programmers to have in-house skills, tech support, and onsite experience. Xtreme Automation is the best choice for all of your custom plc program needs. We also have an in-house panel shop. Our sales engineers know more about plc automation and processes than the average company's service techs. Details matter to us and making sure our customers stay running is imperative to our success.

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