Contract PLC programming 
Xtreme Automation often does not get the full payment until we go onsite and train our customers. During the onsite training our plc programmers will test everything you can think of and make updates onsite to ensure the program works like it should. We lose money on remote support, so rest assured we want to make sure you are happy and everything in the background is flawless. We don't like to sell upgrades or make our customers pay for "Bug Fixes" we like to stand behind the product. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in our customers. The PLC programmers we hire are ones that we keep around so we can all learn from one another to provide the best support. Our electrical knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting motor starter panels, vfd panels, plc panels, are mind blowing. Motor starters are pretty simple, VFDs a little harder, PLC panels are something most companies struggle to support but we have our programmers do support calls. This helps the customer with less down time but also helps the programmers learn how to improve things. 
Xtreme Automation LLC is happy to be used as a short- or long-term contractor for programming, support, training, or design. We feel there are many benefits to a company having their own staff of engineers but often a small company or a company that is trying to grow has limited capital. We understand how challenging it can be especially for new companies. Contract engineering isn’t just for new companies, it’s also to help provide extra support when there is an inrush of work, or if certain expertise is needed. Whatever the case we are here to help.  
Our customers & products have Industry-leading 24/7 phone support. Most issues can be resolved within minutes between our phone support and remote access to your automation system. Our PLC programmers will be able to fix most issues really quick, but we can't 3d print a new motor or sensor for you. If you ever need parts, we will try to create a list during our initial sale to determine what parts would be the most critical for us to stock to prevent downtime. Emergency onsite trips are available because things do happen. 
Xtreme Automation is proud to cover all 50 states, Canada, and South America. 

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