System Integrator is a strange and very little-known term for a group of people. System integrators are often people who are engineers responsible for high level automation projects in factories. Being a system integrator is a high calling that Xtreme Automation takes very serious. Xtreme Automation will step up to the plate and not strike out. Our team gets contracted to integrate multiple systems from other companies and it's not an easy task. Sometimes we have to reengineer other people's work and on an easy day we have to create additional code to get all of the party's controls to play nice. If you have ever played the game as a child called "Operator" it's a simple game that often is humorous with unpredictability. Kids sit in a circle and the first kid whispers something, and the second kid tries to repeat what he heard and so on. More often than not we are left with a kid telling us something far from the original message. Machines are pretty reliable but honestly it does happen, especially with high-speed factory automation. From time to time even computers will have a hiccup. Between machines having a hiccup and miss information from one company to another Xtreme Automation has to verify every piece of code for all of the equipment. There is different hardware, software, programming languages, styles, and applications.

Our job as a system integrator is almost like playing a high-level game of sudoku. We are given bits and pieces of code and we have to make sure everything lines up just right. One problem with other system integrators is they try to standardize things and often by doing so they have more code then needed so it's harder to troubleshoot and they just try to bid the job and do it as quickly as possible. Xtreme Automation treats every job as if it's the first and the future of our company depends on the success of project.

Our team not only documents, the customer's specific requirements to the last detail but we also talk through scenarios that could happen because we should all expect the unexpected. Xtreme Automation is a system integrator company that has high standards from the beginning and there isn't an end. We are here when you need us 24/7 phone support, onsite support, and remote access. When you call us you don't talk to a glorified secretary you talk to actual PLC programmers. Our job is to provide the best support and make sure our customers are happy. A system integrator should always value their customers and understand that the customer can lose money from lost production. When our customer's call it's almost never a good thing we take our support very serious. We know when people are really sick or in a bad accident and go to the hospital the last thing, they want is to be on a waiting list, or to have somebody say the one person who can help is unavailable. Xtreme Automation goes onsite and documents all of the programs, and procedures to help give all of our programmers learn your system.

We don't hire engineers that overly complicate things to help build job security. We are a system integrator company that can handle any job in any state, Canada, or South America. Our team can design, build, program and do whatever else you may need.

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