VFD panel-

Variable Frequency Drives. Yep, that's self-explanatory on why we just call them VFDs. These are something that are used everywhere for everything and often we don't even realize it. Most if not all elevators, cranes, conveyors, and pumps use a VFD. These can be used for so many reasons if you want to power a three-phase motor on a single-phase site. If you want speed control on a motor, you need a VFD. Speed control could be having a motor run at a specific speed constantly, speed up and down based on settings, or you could have it ramp up and down. It's not ideal for motors to just turn on and off instantly so ramp up/down mode is a great feature it's not only easier on the motor but less torque on the parts. VFDs can also help lower an electric bill by lowering the spike in energy by soft starts. I love VFDs for so many reasons another reason is three phase motors are typically cheaper, better for reversing, and more reliable so being able to use one on a single-phase site is sweet. VFDs do take some extra programming and should be specifically sourced based on the application requirements. Xtreme Automation can help with that, and so much more. In fact, between us we think of VFDs like Caffeine. When they are in the mood they can ramp up and down in a way that it can be magical, and the PERFORMANCE is unmatched especially when it can go the EXTRA mile. The word caffeine is actually code for a 3-letter word that starts with an S. Marketing said we shouldn't mention it, but we thought it would be a great example on what a VFD is actually like.
VFD panels should always be wired by experts. These devices can be expensive, and at times dangerous. I have personally seen what happens when they explode and catch on fire. It's rare so don't worry about it Xtreme Automation will size them and provide the precautions needed. Another thing that many don't realize about VFDs is that they produce their own 24vac and are able to be sync/sourced. This is important to know since you never want to mix voltage or provide voltage from multiple sources to a single terminal. Depending on the design and requirements a relay might be required. And at times a line reactor, and special cables might be required. VFDs are able to do everything a motor starter can do and then some. One main difference besides soft start, speed control, control RPMs, auto tune motors, and phase invertor is the communication options. VFDs are able to be controlled via Modbus, Canbus, Ethernet, and discrete wiring. Also, most VFDs have the options to read/write analog and basic input/outputs and some VFDs even have the option to process internal PID controls.

VFDs are perfect for so many things such as making cow farts smell good. WHAT!!!! That was a joke. That would be awesome but not currently possible. You should order a VFD panel when you want to run a 3ph motor on a single phase site, soft start, speed control, ramp down, and control RPMs. I personally love motor starters but they have limitations. 

Xtreme Automation LLC- Can create the perfect turnkey package for you by having a VFD panel that comes pre-wired, but that isn't practical for all applications. VFD panels can be used with a potentiometer to manually increase the speed, or preprogrammed speeds on/off with sensors. There are so many options on what we can do for you. Xtreme Automation will size the drive based on the performance requirements, and environment. Some require fans, air conditioners, some don't even need a panel. VFD panels start around $2,500 and from there the sky is the limit. The main factor when determining the price is quantity of motors, horsepower, phase, and voltage. The large the horsepower the more cost, and on a single-phase site the VFDs have to be oversized. Long story short just call Xtreme Automation when you need a VFD panel or any other type of control panel. Let us worry about all of the details and just focus on what you do best.
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