Affordable Automation is what we sell, and the ROI will speak for itself. Motor starter panel, vfd panel, plc panel.

Affordable automation- Is there such thing as affordable automation? In my humble opinion "Yes" there is but you have to keep in mind there are factors to consider. Often when I talk about automation people's eyes tend to get glossy, or they fall asleep. Yes, that does happen my wife is tired of hearing me talk about my passion for automation. So, I will try to explain how I would determine if automation is affordable by talking about something that people can understand easier. Let's talk about cars...... For an example what if you are looking for a car is the cheapest car the best option? Sometimes but not always. Is the most expensive car the most affordable? That depends. Honestly a free car might not even be the most affordable option. So, let's look at those 3 options as examples to help understand how to find affordable automation.
1) Free car (pretend this is the example for no automation, or existing automation)
2) $5,000 car (compare this to a control panel provided by a local electrician, or an employee you watched a YouTube video)
3) $49,000 car (let's pretend this is a control panel from Xtreme Automation)

When comparing options 1 & 2 you have to ask yourself the following questions: Is this reliable, is it easy to get support, is it efficient, is it fast, and will your company's growth be limited without an upgrade?

Xtreme Automation doesn't like to upsell our customers and you know that's true when you see 2-3 different quote options hitting different price points. We also try to give an idea of potential return on investments. If a system cost $20,000 more but is able to make it so you can grow your business by 5% that could be huge. I personally have seen people refuse to upgrade their automation and after a few talks they realize the system would pay for itself pretty quick. We have had systems pay for themselves in as little as 1 day. That doesn't happen too often, but it can happen.

Our average customers break even on the automation within 1-3 years. Any investment that has an ROI of 5 years or less in my opinion is a good investment. And if it's a good investment due to the fast ROI that is what I judge to determine if it's affordable. With Xtreme Automation we provide affordable automation.

We do automation for all different levels such as manual control, basic automation, and fully automated. Manual automation is typically something that doesn't have a touchscreen, often it just turns off and on by a sensor, or push buttons. Basic automation is something that most of the time has a touchscreen but it's normally a small one that doesn't have remote access as an option. The basic systems are often used to do simple jobs such as controlling 2-5 pumps, or motors. Full automation is limited to your imagination and budget. 

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