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Flow meter controls, Custom chemical mixing, liquid fertilizer controls and more
Ha you finally found the right people for the job. Xtreme Automation LLC is known for being the best in the industry when it comes to flow meter controls. Xtreme Automation has tons of experience with liquid fertilizer, beverage, and custom chemical mixing. Not only can we help control the mixing, batching, bottling, and inventory management BUT we can also help spec equipment for your exact application requirements. We are not an equipment manufacture we are system integrators so when we provide equipment you can rest assured that we are not being biased.  Would you ever expect a manufacturing company to tell you that their bottler or labeler is great, but you could find something better, cheaper and from the competition. NO that would never happen. Xtreme Automation will try to get you equipment that not only will work great but is the best for you. We are able to help design the entire production line or just improve what is existing. We don't want you to feel like we are upselling you and we don't want you to feel like you don't have the facts needed to make the right decision.  
Our team of Sales Engineers will walk you through various design ideas and explain the pro/cons with all options. When you go to a restaurant it's nice to see the entire menu and have the server make a few recommendations. That's how it is with us we don't pressure you into the most expensive options. Xtreme Automation can help with case study information to help figure out the potential Return on Investment for all options as well. Flow meter controls for example when you are in need it's important for us to know the type of products, flow rate, volume, and if it needs to be legal for trade. The type of product is very important since some flow meters will not work with oil and some flow meters wouldn't be a good fit if the product is being changed all the time. Flow rate is how fast you need to discharge the product Gallons per minute or bottles per min. Volume is how often are you running is it 2,000 gallons per day for 3 months or 500 gallons per year. Legal for trade is something we can help with in some cases it's best to make sure the flow meter meets this standard but in some cases it's more practical for the customer to label it as sold by volume, or weight. Other things needed to be considered is cross contamination, cleaning, pipe size, temperature, and cost. There are so many options we have seen customers use a single flow meter with an air purge to meter over a dozen different products.

Xtreme Automation has also found affordable options for customers to have a flow meter for each product. Flow meters are not the only option when it comes to batching liquids. There are paddle wheels, and even the option of having each tank on load cells. Paddle Wheels are typically more affordable, but they can be an issue depending on the product type since it has mechanical parts inside of the pipe. Product over time can lock up the paddle wheel requiring cleaning, repairs, or inaccurate measurements. If it's something such as water, or a cheap base product being added this might be a good option. Having a scale is a great option but not the most practical when the tank is over 500 gallons. A load cell system also would not work well if the tank were outside or lots of vibration close by. The load cells are very sensitive and if it's got wind blowing on it, or near the railroad tracks it can cause the system to misread the flow. Basically, we have the know how to provide a solution that will be best for you. Our customers sometimes just don't upgrade or try to expand their company since they feel intimidated by all the unknown. We are here to help, and we don't want you to feel like it's overwhelming. Xtreme Automation has sales engineers, so you don't have to be an engineer expert.

Recently there was a customer who ordered some equipment (from a competitor) not knowing the harsh reality of limited support. This customer within the first 2 years lost over $300,000 in lost production and on top of that spent over $45,000 on parts. The company was based in Germany and didn't have tech support during USA business hours. For this and other reasons the customer was not in a good position and just kept losing money. We know our success often depends on our customer's success. When our customers do well, they are growing and that means buying more automation from us. All of our products come with top notch support, and industry leading warranty. Most of our products have a 5-year warranty.

All of our systems have the option for onsite training/support and 24/7 remote support. When you call needing remote support you will talk to a PLC programmer not a glorified secretary. All of our support is USA based and you don't have to press dozens of buttons to get through to someone who will just transfer you. You call we answer it's that simple. There is a special dedicated phone number our customers get for support. Our tech support is made up of people who have field experience, electrical training, plc programming, and everything is documented. If you call, we will keep records and if we notice ongoing issues, we will definitely have it automatically prioritized to find a permanent solution. Our team is leading on the front lines by answering tech support calls not just so you get the best support but also so our programmers can learn what issues are and prevent them.
Xtreme Automation is the company that you can call and feel confident. Flow meter controls, bottling, conveyor controls, palletizer, shrink wrap, custom chemical mixing, and so much more. Xtreme Automation will design, build, program and provide onsite training/support. Our controls are the most user-friendly and control panels come with custom schematics. We also provide the option for us to be project managers to oversee all of the permits, construction, electrical installation, and equipment assembly. It can be overwhelming having 3-10 different contractors and it's always nice to have somebody take full control and responsibility. 
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