Automated Control Systems- If you need a custom control panel, custom PLC programming, motor starter panel, touchscreen controls. call Xtreme Automation
Discover the power of automation with Xtreme Automation! Our automated control systems are revolutionizing businesses, offering a complete solution from design to support. Increase production, enhance safety, lower electricity costs, and unlock valuable data collection. Take control of your business today with Xtreme Automation.

Automated control systems are not for every application but often they are needed for more parts of the business than you would expect. Often people think automated control systems wouldn’t be needed since they assume it would be too expensive or that it would be something custom and nobody has a solution. Xtreme Automation doesn’t like to push for sales, we often try to make sure the product is a good fit, and we do this during our free consultation. Our sales engineers will design an automated control system that will provide a great return on your investment, make work easier, safer or we will let you know it’s not needed.
In today's modern world, the use of automated control systems has revolutionized various industries, such as factories, farms, and wastewater treatment plants. These systems offer a seamless and efficient way to monitor and control various operations, all from a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Imagine being able to easily program and control every aspect of a factory's production line, from adjusting machine speeds to monitoring quality control parameters, all with a few taps on a touchscreen display. These automated control systems allow for precise and real-time adjustments, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Similarly, in a farm setting, these systems can regulate irrigation, temperature, and even feeding schedules for livestock, ensuring optimal conditions for growth and maximizing yields. Furthermore, wastewater treatment plants can benefit from these automated systems as they can monitor and control treatment processes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and optimizing efficiency. The ability to customize programs and settings on these touchscreens provides flexibility and adaptability to meet specific needs and requirements. Overall, the integration of automated control systems in various industries offers a streamlined and effective solution, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

If you are thinking you might need any of the following then you are wanting an Automated control system: PLC panel, PLC programming, control panel shop, vfd panel, motor starter panel, manual control panel. Or if you are wanting Custom reports, inventory tracking, barcode scanning, or just create a process that will bring the team together. VFD panels are something that can be simple just a VFD, few switches, relays, terminals, and overload protection. These do not have to be expensive or require high level automation. PLC panels are always designed to be used in an automated control system. People don’t buy PLC panels to turn on/off a few lights and fans.

Plc panels are often used in industrial applications where you turn on machines, monitor sensors, and can be basic or really high-end Automated control systems. Motor starter panels are a very generic term now a days. These could be huge MCC panels or just something with 2-3 motor starters and push buttons. The more devices you are trying to control the more you should consider making it a part of an automated control system. We have a full-service control panel shop that will help design, build, wire, program, go onsite for training, Maintenace, and we provide top level support.

Our PLC programming is done to the highest standards, and we create a finished product that you will love. PLC programming, when done well, should be something that requires very little training for the operator, they should not need to learn our code, just sit back and relax.

Automated control systems are what we do, and we do them well. So, give us a call (785) 285-8288
Automated Control Systems
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