What is a System Integrator?

We are a System Integrator company that does it all. We design, build, program, and support control systems.
A system integrator is an individual or company that integrates, or brings together, multiple sub-systems into one system. What does that mean? Simply put, it means that a system integrator can take any multi-system process and merge them together into a single control interface. Do you have multiple pieces of equipment that each have their own control panel or manual switches? If so, that would be a great example of where system integration could save you money, time, and training efforts! As a system integrator, Xtreme Automation can provide custom controls to control any number of sub-systems (or machines) from one control panel (from one point of user interaction). Are you a farmer? Let us be your system integrator to control your grain storage, pumps, dryers, irrigators, etc. from one point! Are you a company that does custom chemical mixing? Let us be your system integrator to control all your pumps, mixers, flow meters, scales, etc. from one place! Are you a concrete plant? Let us be your system integrator to control conveyors, recipes, mixers, etc. from one panel! Xtreme Automation takes pride in offering user friendly, simple-to-operate control systems. We offer great support before, during, and after integration.

Xtreme Automation LLC redefines the traditional role of a panel shop. While our prowess in crafting sophisticated control panels is unparalleled, our capabilities extend far beyond. We specialize in designing comprehensive systems that seamlessly integrate into your projects, catering to various needs such as managing complex conveyors, refining custom mixing processes, optimizing factory production lines, and introducing advanced automation. Our holistic approach ensures your projects are designed for success from the ground up.

Precision and Simplicity: Customizing Automation for Your Needs
Affordable automation solutions from Xtreme Automation LLC cater to a wide spectrum of needs. Sometimes, high-level automation is essential for intricate operations, while at other times, simple manual control panels suffice. Our team’s expertise lies in analyzing your unique challenges and designing cost-effective automation strategies that align with your budget constraints without compromising efficiency.

Transparency Over Upsells: Empowering Informed Decisions
Transparency is at the core of Xtreme Automation LLC’s philosophy. Our intention is never to push unnecessary products. Our quotes are thoughtfully designed to empower you with choices. We present 2-3 distinct solution levels, accompanied by clear explanations of differences. This empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your project’s vision and requirements.

Mastering Complexity: Expertise in Contract Engineering
Contract engineering projects can encompass intricate challenges that demand tailored solutions. Whether you require high-level automation for optimal project management or straightforward manual control panels with intuitive interfaces, Xtreme Automation LLC possesses the technical mastery to deliver. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to your unique needs, ensuring flawless performance and reliability.

We are great at helping new and existing businesses with installation, equipment, inventory management software, and project management. We work in the food/beverage industry, dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, grain storage, conveyor controls, concrete plants, irrigation, and more. We are able to upgrade existing controls, provide award winning support and more.

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