Industrial automation what is it, who needs it, isn't it killing jobs, and who can afford it? I wish industrial automation was easier to explain and that people who would benefit from it know Xtreme Automation would be able to provide a solution for them. That is one reason why we are always writing articles and also it helps our website rankings if we are being honest.

Industrial automation is able to be something simple like a manual control panel that has push buttons to turn on/off motors. Industrial automation could be a step higher by adding some relays, sensors, or interlocks. Industrial automation is often thought of as a system to control factories using a touchscreen and a plc. If you think of touchscreens when you think Industrial automation you definitely would not be wrong that is the norm for the times, we live in. It's used for so many things that we just don't even think about such as dairy farms, HVAC units at hospitals, shipping companies to track packages, our local water companies and farms.

Industrial automation is something we all need if we want to prevent our backs from hurting, increase productivity, work safer, and be more accurate. Depending on the industry you are in Industrial automation could be overkill or maybe it could be something that could save a life or prevent a major accident. For those reasons I feel Industrial automation is a good thing. There are of course sometimes that I feel opposed to Industrial automation such as when we make it so there are less job opportunities for people. I personally do not go to self-checkout lines at grocery stores, I think bagging and checkers are great jobs for people especially high school kids. And I'm always going to be a sucker for a lemonade stand the simple things in life are great.

Industrial automation is honestly something that often sells itself when a customer calls Xtreme Automation we do a free consultation and it's to make sure we are a good fit, and brainstorm ideas. Somebody once told me "You don't know what you don't know." and that is true we don't know what the customers' requirements are, and the customer often doesn't know what options are available. We believe that we need to have communication and document all options and continue to think through them before closing any deals. Industrial automation should reduce stress and that's something we want to ensure during the beginning to the end. We don't just sell a system we design, build, program, go onsite for training, and continue to support the system if there is ever an issue. We can help with unique ideas and patents; we can help with providing the actual equipment with or without the automation. Also, we are able to help you determine the ROI for the investment. Industrial automation should be something that pays for itself. If we sell Industrial automation that doesn't pay for itself, we want the customer to know it might not be the best investment, unless it's being purchased as a luxury.

Industrial automation is here to stay and if that's the case you should embrace it and rest easy knowing you partnered with Xtreme Automation.

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