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Custom control panel is something that you should always consider when ordering a control panel. A custom control panel is more affordable than you might think, at least it is when you call Xtreme Automation. We build custom control panels and only standardize them if our customer needs multiple. Our custom control panels are something that come with job specific schematics, parts list, wire labels, and documents for everything that's provided. Most of our control panels are backed by a 5-year warranty. We have built control panels from $1,500-$50,000+ so don't feel discouraged thinking you can't find an affordable option. There are companies that just like to knock out control panels nonstop with hopes of making absurd profits. Xtreme Automation we take our time and build panels that will work for the exact application requirements. We design, build and program custom control panels. Our panels can be something simple such as motor starters or VFDs with some push buttons or selector switches. We could add timers, relays, interlocks, sensors, printers, a PLC and even a pizza. The pizza was just a joke to make sure you are still paying attention and also if you mention the fact some yahoo typed that in a blog on our website, we will order a pizza for you (once you become a customer). We can build simple control panels for farmers, individuals with water wells, custom chemical mixing, newspaper printing, fertilizer plants, wastewater treatment, HVAC systems, a doughnut shop, or whatever you have in mind.

The sooner you call us the sooner our team can work with you to find a solution. After talking with our customers, we provide 2-3 different options to explain all options. Only after our customer feels confident with the selected option, we will start to order the parts. The parts order for a custom control panel can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks and the actual build of the custom control panel can take 1-3 weeks. The part that takes the most time is when we are contracted to create a custom control panel with a custom PLC program. A custom PLC program can take anywhere from 2-30 weeks. The sales engineer will give a better estimate after it's determined what the plc program requirements are. All customers have the option for our team to go onsite for training, and we have some award-winning support.

Xtreme Automation also can act as a project manager to ensure the local electricians, manufacturers, and all other parties are working together. Xtreme automation is on occasion asked to design and build a custom control panel that is specifically designed and needs to be protected by a patent. We are not patent attorneys, but we are able to be a liaison between you and a patent attorney that works in the industry. Xtreme automation knows even if you don't want to apply for a patent that the work needs to be kept secret. The last thing we would like is to tell others about our customers proprietary work and with that in mind you should feel safe knowing we would risk our relationship.

Xtreme Automation we rise above the rest. Call now for a quote for a custom control panel, or programming. (785) 285-8288 
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