18 Aug

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We have been featured in many news articles. Customers have started new businesses, added onto existing businesses, and really thrived so it only makes sense that they have an open house. We are glad to help at open house events to promote our customers, explains some of the changes and what makes you great for your community. System integrators like us are always traveling and building new relationships. Most of us come from small towns and want to help communities. Systems integrators should always design, build and program systems that can be scaled so we can grow with you. We have done custom plc programs that require little to no training and that is great for companies with hi turnover. Systems integrators often over complicate things so they can feel like they are smarter or make money off of added support. We would prefer the customer to just be happy. We like to stop by our customers site for free when we are in the area for extra feedback because it helps us all. Communication is key to success and system integrators are no exception. System integrators are often introverts, but we have to make sure the customer feels that they can come to us anytime. Our system integrators are amazing at creating a system that will meet or exceed your needs. PLC programming is high level programming, but it doesn't have to be hard to get working if we are all working together.

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