18 Aug

livestock automation
Xtreme Automation LLC created a livestock automation system that is second to none. The livestock industry is always looking for new ways to help farmers and our POS (point of sale) system does exactly that. Our livestock automation system is something that we partnered with Cattle Kings MFG on to help ranchers get feed 24/7. Ranchers that live in rural areas and have full-time jobs really struggle with getting to the Coop or feed store before they close. With our system, we are helping the small business owners and ranchers. The rancher pulls up to the Coop, selects the type of feed, enters the amount, slides a credit card, and the livestock automation system will automatically bring the exact amount of product to the customer's truck and print a receipt. Our system can help save labor cost, order feed automatically when a bin is getting low, record transactions prevents spoilage, prevents cross-contamination, is able to work with a loyalty card to prevent credit card transaction fees, and is able to help you stand out from your competition. This system is very affordable some customers expect a 3-4 year return on investment. Livestock automation can be many things here at Xtreme Automation LLC if you have an idea we can help make it a reality. Livestock automation is a huge industry and I don't think the world is going to become vegan anytime soon so it's here to stay. Call Xtreme Automation LLC now for a free quote on a livestock automation system or any other automation.

Click the link below to see an example of system we developed for a customer. The link is a 3d video we created to help with presales. 

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